Baxter Springs
Chamber of Commerce 

Places of Interest

1. Marsh Bridge, also known as Rainbow Curve Bridge. Approximately three miles north on old Route 66.
2. Heritage Museum  740 East Avenue  620-856-2385
3. Veterans Memorial  Corner of 13th & Park  620-429-0190
4. National Cemetary #2. Approximately 1 mile west of Baxter Springs 12th & Military.
5. Route 66 Visitor Center/Museum, 940 Military Ave.620-856-2066
6. Three State Marker, Meeting point of Kansas, Oklahoma and Missouri 
7. Kiwanis Park, East 12th (Mickey Mantle signed Yankee Contract and played ball here; historic marker)
8. Little League Ball Field and Museum 1408 Lincoln (Considered one of the top Little League fields in the nation)
9.  Bas Relief - mural depicts the history of Baxter Springs is located on the exterior of the American Bank. 12 and Military, Baxter Springs.
10. Big Brutus - world's second largest electric mining shovel, West Mineral, Kansas  620-827-6177
11. Black Dog Trail - on the grounds of the Historical Museum, it commemorates the trail opened in 1803 by Chief Black Dog and his band of Osage Indians who lived in a nearby village.
12. Baxter Springs City Camp Ground, located on Highway 166 east of Baxter Springs on Spring River.
13. Carona Train Depot - Heartland Railroad Club, formed in 1991, established a museum to preserve and display railroad memorabilia. Located in Carona, Kansas
14. Civil War Driving Tour - self-guided Civil War tour of Baxter Springs with 12 points of interest relating to the attack on Ft. Blair and the Battle of Baxter Springs.  Maps are available at the Historical Museum, Chamber of Commerce or downtown restaurants.
15. DAR Marker - dedicated in memory of General James G. Blunt and his escorts who were brutally attacked by guerrillas led by Quantrill in the Baxter Springs Massacre on October 6,1863.  Located one block west of Route 66 at `10th and Park at the Johnston Public Library.
16. Field of Drams Sports Complex - located on Route 66 just south of Rainbow Bridge.
17. Ft. Blair Site - site of the Ft. Blair Fort which was attached on October 6, 1863 by Quantrill and Confederate guerrillas. This attack was know as the Baxter Springs Massacre.
18. Heritage Museum Log Cabin - Build by R. A. Hibbard east of the Lowell Cemetery in the 1870's. Purchased by Kent Lynch who donated the cabin to the historical Society in memory of Marsha Moncrief Lynch.  Cabin was rebuilt on this site in `1987.  Located on the grounds of the historical Museum.
19. Historic 13.2 Miles of Route 66 - Route 66 in Kansas is from the Missouri state line to the Oklahoma State Line.  The local cities are Galena, Riverton and Baxter Springs. Kansas.  There is am informational Kiosk located just west of the Round-a-bout outside of Riverton.  This lists a number of things to see along the route.
20. Historic Waling Tour - Store fronts on either side of Military Avenue display framed accounts of the original occupants of each store and significant historical events.
21. Johnston Public Library - Built in 1872, it was initially built as the County Courthouse but was never used for that purpose.  Through the years, the building has been a city hall, theater and a college.  In 1905, Peter Nils Johnston, a Swedish immigrant provided a bequest for the city to establish a permanent library in the building.  Located one block west of Route 66 at 10th and Park Avenue
22. Longhorn Cattle Drive Mural - 1991 painting on the exterior wall of Somewhere In Time Antiquities - Artist John Gibbons.  Located at 11th and Military avenue.
23. Mined Wildlife Area - 13,000 acres of land and 1,500 acres of water provides some of the best hunting and fishing in the area.
24. Southeast Kansas Nature Center - Schermerhorn Part, Galena, Kansas
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